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Help is at hand

Fortunately, Ted Neward and Joel Pobar are writing a new version of SSCLI internals book aimed at the 2.0 version of the platform. This contains details about the new stub dispatch architecture and the implementation of generics, together with other … Continue reading

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Let’s share some info

I’ve just finished re-reading Shared Source CLI Essentials   This is a great book that covers the Rotor release of the .NET 1.1 framework. This release runs on both Linux and Windows and contains source and assembler for many parts … Continue reading

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Voyage to the bottom of the sea

A few weeks ago I finished reading C# in depth by Jon Skeet.   This is a magnificent book that details the changes to the C# language as the language evolved into C# 2 and 3. After a very brief history … Continue reading

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