And yet more links

The trouble with reading Hacker News and other sites every day is that I end up with a long list of links to interesting posts that tend to collect until I get chance to read them. Here’s a set of links from recent days.

Container networking is simple which gives a set of ip and nsenter commands to understand how Docker set sup its networking.
Kubernetes apply v patch v replace which talks about why there are three different kubectl commands
crun, an OCI container runtime written in C
Writing your first Kubernetes operator
Kubernetes failure stories
Get a shell into a Kubernetes node
Kubernetes operator best practices
Docker image history modification
Docker without docker

A compile dependency injection framework that uses source generators to do the work
Target typed expressions in C#

Go modules

How AKKA clusters work
Migrating millions of concurrent websockets to Envoy
How we scaled Github using a sharded rate limiter
Making MsQUIC blazingly fast

TLB and pagewalk coherence in x86 processors
All about thread local storage
Speculating the x86 instruction set
The microarchitecture behind meltdown

Software development topics I’ve changed my mind on
Cupid, the back story

Column store in Sql Server

Combinators, a centennial view
The visitor pattern is Church Encoding

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