Some more reading

There are three other books that I have recently read without writing up here.

React in action by  Mark Tielens Thomas, which was a good introductory book on React. It explains the various concepts and takes you through a number of examples in the first two parts of the book. The third part of the book talks about higher level architecture, covering Redux, server side rendering and there is also a chapter on React Native. I found it a useful informative read.

Redux in action by Marc Garreau, which talks about the Redux state management approach which integrates well with the React architecture (despite not exactly following the Flux architecture). Most of the book covers the use of Redux with React, though it can be used as a standalone component.

Functional Programming: Application and Implementation by Peter Henderson. I read this book while working in industry for a year before going to university (so 1984), and it blew my mind. It talks about why functional programming is such a powerful model, and defines a small Lisp language (LispKit Lisp) which it uses in subsequent chapters. It walks through writing an interpreter for Lisp in Lisp, and then goes on describe an abstract machine which we can compile the language down to, a variant of Landin’s SECD machine. The book describes how easy it is to write a compiler in Lisp for the Lisp variant. The book then looks at extensions to the semantics such as delayed evaluated (using lambda and thunks). Towards the end of the book, the author describes how to write a runtime to support LispKit and also gives the abstract machine code for the compiler itself. On GitHub you can find various implements, like this one in F#.

It was great re-reading the book, and I owe it a lot. Functional programming and Lisp spanned the first twenty years of my career, and it was this book that got me started. I taught myself C in order to implement a Lisp interpreter so I could play around, and various papers on OS implementation using LispKit got me really interested in the field.




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