Kubernetes is the winner

Kubernetes: Up & Running by Kelsey Hightower, Brendan Burns and Joe Beda

Everywhere you go these days, it’s all about containers and how they should be orchestrated. Software Engineering Daily had a great series about several container management systems, and so it was time to get the book about Kubernetes, by several of the founders of the project. There is recent blog post on the history of the project here.

The book itself is really good. It explains the need for an orchestration framework, and demonstrates the various parts of the Kubernetes system. It starts by showing you how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster and works through the use of the kubectl commands. It moves on to explain pods, and the labels and annotations that you can attach to  the containers that are being managed. This is very hands on, working against a demonstration container that the authors have made available.

The following chapters cover service discovery, Replicasets, Daemonsets, Jobs and ConfigMaps and then there is a chapter that covers deployments and upgrades. The last two chapters cover how you integrate storage with your applications and how to deploy some real world applications.

The book, as you would expect, covers the material really well. If you want to try the material out on the Azure cloud, the Azure documentation contains some worked tutorials.

If you need to understand Docker a little better, then I found this post useful. Ben Hall also did a recent talk on other container technologies. A competing idea is serverless, and there is a recent paper that looks at the implementation behind this for the three major cloud platforms.


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