Some what types of reflection are there?

I can’t remember how it came up in the conversation, but I remembered the other day the famous paper by Brian Smith that introduced the idea of the reflective tower of interpreters. The paper is a little hard to read these days, but does try to explain the notion of structural and behavioural reflection in programming languages.

In order to try to understand a little more deeply, I turned to two other Scheme related papers for help. The first talks about reflection and this is extended in the second paper to give a different semantics behind the reflective tower. There is a slightly more modern implementation of the tower in Common Lisp, and some good explanations in this paper.

I also came across a number of related papers – a general discussion of reflection, and a discussion of how to allow compiled methods in this reflective tower world. A lot of this more recent work was also connected to multi-stage programming and partial evaluation

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