How do you nest your virtualization?

I was looking through some of the YouTube talks from Ignite, when I came across this interesting talk on nested virtualization in Hyper-V. Since September you have been able to provision virtual machines on Azure which support nested virtualization. This is obviously a very powerful feature, and enables many scenarios (such as testing) which you couldn’t easily do before.

This made me start thinking about how you get nested virtualization to work on other platforms such as AWS. I’d come across virtualization using binary translation in the past (as that was the way that VMWare did its thing back in the day), and came across this fairly recent paper that talks about the method. The resulting virtualization which can run in a cloud environment is covered in the paper.

That then leads to the question of whether software implementation can compare with the hardware assisted virtualization, and there are some papers such as this one that study the problem. Hardware support on Intel requires some extensions, the so called VT-X extensions, which are available on more modern processors and which make things a lot easier for the implementation.

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