Some UWP and a little ClojureScript

I’ve been following Lucian Wischik’s interesting series of posts on writing Windows 10 applications in .NET. While I was on holiday he posted an article on writing NuGet packages for UWP but unfortunately the article was removed from the web site when I was only half a way through it. The place holder mentions that the NuGet team were going to talk about the issues and, sure enough, a post has now appeared on NuGet support for UWP in NuGet 3.1. In summary you will now be able to declare project references using a project.json (in much the same way as ASP.NET 5 projects). This will also use the transitive references idea, where you list only the top level projects that you require, and NuGet will take care of fetching their dependencies (and also resolve the appropriate versions when there are conflicts), in contrast to the current model where dependencies of dependencies make their way into your packages.config.

In other news, David Nolen has just announced on his blog that ClojureScript, the variant of Clojure that uses JavaScript as its target language, can now compile itself. Having been through the bootstrapping process myself for both ML and Common Lisp compilers, its always very satisfying when you can get rid of the other implementation, and finally get the compiler to work on itself. His post is rather cool, as it embeds some of the implementation of the translation process into the actual post, and you can run these in the browser that you are using to read the post. Some of this work sits on top of reader conditions, one of the two key features that were recently added to Clojure 1.7 (the other being transducers).

Finally, if Windows Update fails to install Windows 10 repeatedly), then this post has the answer, or rather it works for some people. For me, the relaunched Windows Update failed again, so in the end I needed to manually download by following this link.

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