Some odds and ends

I haven’t blogged for a while, mainly because I’ve been busy doing some rather interesting Coursera courses. In fact at the moment I have 1, 2, 3, 4 on the go. Bart de Smet’s recent comments on Cortana and the underlying use of IQbservable mentioned in the talk linked from this post has got me doing some research using Rxx on remoting observable (Rx) queries  in preparation for a lightning talk at work.

However, what with a mass of //BUILD videos to get through, and the usual stream of interesting articles, I thought it might be good to list some interesting finds.

Moving data off heap in a managed application is a technique I have read about before. This InfoQ article gives some details about a Java approach.

With the HeartBleed problem, it is instructive to look at the metasploit code which uses the exploit to retrieve the key information. Essentially the code looks into the information that has bled out of the server and tries to use the contents of memory as factors of the key information.

There has been a good Going Deep episode on Channel 9 about the implementation of .NET Native, the recently announced native compiler for .NET (currently in early release and working only for 64 bit windows store applications).

Of the //BUILD talks that have been published, the keynotes are obviously worth watching, and despite the lack on interesting talks in the .NET space, I have enjoyed the following: a discussion of architecture of hybrid cloud approaches, some lessons learned by Microsoft’s Azure failures, present and future .NET, C# and Xamarin, Azure service bus and the internet of things plus some of the panel discussions and the overview of universal applications for phone and tablet.

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