I’m a little blue today

We’re currently re-organising at work, and my time working on the .NET profilers has come to an end. In a couple of weeks I’ll be working on products for Windows Azure which should prove to be an interesting challenge. I’ll be working on code at a much higher level than I have for a while… I did enterprise email archiving when I first moved to Red Gate, but have worked on .NET Reflector (a decompiler) and the .NET profilers in the meantime.

Azure seems to be moving on in massive leaps. Just the other day, they announced yet more improvements such as the ability to debug your Azure instances using Visual Studio as a remote debugger.

In order to get up to speed with Azure, I’ve been watching a lot of videos. To get a good idea of what is happening at a low level, there are some good talks by Mark Russinovich here, here and here. This talk on Windows Azure storage is also very good, as is this discussion of auto-scaling. Scott Hanselman is also doing a new series called Windows Azure Friday – the first episode demonstrates the new 2.2 SDK mentioned above.

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