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There’s a new version of TypeScript, version 0.9 – the specification can be found here. The timing is interesting, coming just after Google I/O where the Dart team suggested that JavaScript is getting to the point where it can’t be optimised much more, and after this blog post which discusses the fork in the way forward. Some of the team from Microsoft discuss these claims in the Channel 9  video as well as talking about the changes to the language between 0.8 and 0.9. The main change is generics, which are present at compile time and do not appear at all in the final runtime in the emitted JavaScript.

The Playground is a good place to test the ideas out, and after a little playing around it does appear that the typing system (which uses structural rather than nominal typing) leads to a few weird effects (as in the ex2 line below), but which is definitely the right choice when you need to handle partially typed source code.


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