Stop darting about

The usual mass of interesting of talks from Google I/O. The V8 guys have done an amazing job at improving the performance of JavaScript over the years – this talk discusses the ideas that they recycled in order to make the massive leaps in performance. This case study discusses how the performance of a browser based application was improved using the logging that V8 provides – the material covered brings up a number of interesting issues (that I won’t reveal here). It’s hard to know if we’ve reaching the limits of optimisation for JavaScript, and whether we need to move to a language with semantics that make it easier to deal with. Some of DART’s benefits are covered here. Alternatively, we could just demand that runtimes optimise certain specific subsets of JavaScript.

There are also some good talks on optimising the performance of rendering – Jank free rendering in Chrome, Android graphics performance and web page design with the GPU in mind. All have the theme that we all need to understand more about how the GPU is being used to compose graphics layers.

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