Follow that up

A couple of interesting blog posts from recent weeks.

Joe Duffy follows up on a recent blog post that announced a paper on the safe parallelism work he has been doing. This interview with InfoQ covers some of the motivation and ideas behind the work – I liked the observation that Haskell isolates state using the IO monad, and this work has come from the other direction isolating the pure functional parts of the program.

I thought this was a good description of how an ideal cipher would work.

Stephen Toub has a great explanation of the Task monad and this post on C# Async gotchas will teach you something. Async C# code can be confusing to reason about – at work recently there was discussion about why the following code runs synchronously, the key observation being that the code always runs synchronously until the first use of await.


Simon did a good write up on portable class libraries too (the secret being type forwarding and the retargetable attribute on assembly references).

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