Send the signal

I’ve just finished reading the free eBook on SignalR available from Apart from a couple of typos (including a piece of code that’s supposed to demonstrate a five second time delay but which doesn’t have any delay written into its use of TPL Tasks) I thought the book was a great introduction to SignalR. It has a number of good examples of multiple clients connected to each other via a web server – one has the browsers tracking the mouse positions of all of the others on a particular web page, and there’s an example where all browsers share the view of a single drawing canvas on which they can all make edits.

The book gives a good introduction to the technology that SignalR is using under the covers – forever frame, long polling, server-sent events and websockets, and teaches how to use the JavaScript client side library by example. It covers the persistent connection basic level of SignalR and then covers the use of hubs, the higher level abstraction over connections and groups. Great introduction to an exciting technology.

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