That’s a very sharp solution

Web, Cloud & Mobile Solutions with F# by Daniel Mohl

I thought that this was a really excellent introduction to the practical use of F#. The author builds various kinds of applications – first a web application using MVC 4 which accesses various types of database and moves on to a cloud hosted service that uses Web Api. The author covers lots of NuGet packages that make such services friendlier to F#, and also covers how we can write frontends in F# and have the JavaScript automatically generated using Pit and WebSharper.

The book is a really good, and fairly quick read. It teaches some of the concepts behind F#, not by the standard tutorial style, but by writing a part of the application and then explaining how the piece of code works. Using this technique, the author covers many of the main ideas behind F#, including computational workflows. This teaching style seems to work really well.

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