Single page apps gone mad

Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript by Kraig Brockschmidt

Microsoft have done a lot of work to make it feasible to write full Windows 8 Store applications in JavaScript. The WinJS library contains many UI elements together with a (one-way) data binding model and the means to chain asynchronous operations using the Promise data type. This is all covered by the book, but the book goes further as it needs to cover the whole API surface. Hence as well as covering the JavaScript library in great detail, it also explains and describes the App Model of WinRT and it does this very well – by far the best explanation I have seen so far.

Some of the material is covered by these talks from //BUILD, but having one very readable explanation is really good.

Without writing a full application, it is hard to know if JavaScript scales to large scale applications. However, the WinJS takes care of a lot of the boilerplate code for you. It is really easy to do data binding


and use promise top defer functions until results are available.


There is also a model for defining Namespace and Classes, and a declarative means (data-win-control) for using controls.


If you’re going to be developing for this platform, the book is well worth a read whether you are going to be writing in JavaScript or not.

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