I’m still standing

Ted Neward has been trying to stir again with a recent post on the subject Is Programming Less Exciting Today? Also these lines, there have been several recent times when I’ve heard people say that .NET is dead – .NET Rocks and various developers.

To me, nothing is further from the truth. .NET has made it possible for a mass of developers to use higher levels of abstraction for writing applications by way of the BCL and the various managed wrappers for the Win32 API, and things are only going to get better in the future with the WinRT platform offering an object based view of the underlying operating system. People have been talking about doing this for years – remember the Longhorn days when we were promised .NET implementations of the file system and more exposure of the OS via managed code. Ok, so things aren’t going to be fully managed – Microsoft seem to have dropped back to using COM and its reference counting in preference to going the fully managed route, but they have taken care of automatically generating managed wrappers from the winmd files so the OS will be equally accessible from managed and unmanaged worlds.

Mobile computing is really shaking up the field and we are at a stage where lots of old ideas, which were too expensive in performance terms to implement in their day, are now feasible. It may well be a curse, but we live in interesting times, and I for one can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

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