Exceptional behaviour– I think not!

Take a standard windows forms application in .NET, and modify the start up code to the following.


If you run the code on a x64 architecture you see the exception being thrown, but the Form is displayed nevertheless. If you run on x86, the exception causes the application to exit and moreover you can catch the exception if you wrap the call to Application.Run inside a try…catch…

I came across the explanation while I was researching Windows SEH on this blog. The older versions of the OS had difficulty propagating structured exceptions across the re-entry from kernel mode which happens in order to raise the Load event. I guess the lesson to learn is to always keep an eye on the Output window when you are running your application in order to verify that you are seeing the exceptions you expect… if you don’t, you might find exceptions being silently swallowed, which could lead to all kinds of unexpected corruption in your application’s state.

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