Something for the weekend?

I haven’t had time lately to read any computer books, mainly because I’ve been trying to finish a book on basic Economics that I bought at the airport last week. This weekend though, I did get to read a couple of papers that I’ve had for a while.

First a blog post by Joe Duffy on the cost of Generics in C#, mainly from the point of view of being able to ahead of time compile classes using Ngen and when a use of generics is likely to cause the jit to execute at run time. As usual, an interesting exposition on the issues, and the post contains a number of links to other interesting posts on the implementation of generics in the CLR. In the near future, I’m going to get out a debugger and have a close look at the code that is generated for some simple examples of generics.

I also took some time to read the Roslyn Project Overview whitepaper which gives a good overview of what the Roslyn project is going to offer. The paper goes into some detail about the API that Roslyn offers, covering some points that I haven’t seen before like the use missing tokens in the syntax tree to represent errors. The whitepaper talks about tree rewriting of immutable trees and I was surprised to see no mention of Zippers, the usual datatype for such changes.

After these distractions, it is back to looking at Windows 8 and .NET 4.5 in the spare time that I have. In particular I want to find out a lot more about DirectX and its use from managed code.

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