Before you know it you’re up to version 4

C# 4.0 How-To by Ben Watson

This book consists of a series of short how-tos covering a vast range of topics. Each how-to consists of something like a half page of text followed by some example C# code.

The book covers lots of material, starting out with some C# language ideas, highlighting new features in C# 4 as well as offering advice around constructs that have been in the language for a long time, for example giving advice on exception classes and serialization. There are more how-tos on handling data which covers database and file system access, user interaction covering ASP.NET and WPF/Sliverlight and a final section on advanced C# which includes information on threads.

The book was good to read. At times it felt like it might be more appropriate as a reference book that you’d go to when you have a problem rather than as a book you read from end to end (as I did), but I must admit that I learned a lot from reading it so it was worth persevering.

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