Ouch that’s sharp

Community for F# had a good Livemeeting the other day, where Adam Granicz gave a presentation on WebSharper, a framework of F# libraries that makes it possible to write WebApps in F#. The system translates the client side pieces from F# into javascript, and allows easy communication between the two parts of the system. He gave a demo of a shopping cart type application which was all written in F# and which did most of the processing on the client. He emphasised how easy it was to interoperate between the F# code and other existing javascript libraries. Additionally, the F# contains an embedded DSL for writing the HTML of controls and pages. The only thing he didn’t mention was how one debugged the generated javascript – I imagine you’d need to have a good knowledge of the translation to map back from the javascript in a debugger like FireBug to the F# code that you need to fix. This is certainly an interesting approach for writing web applications.

There’s some documentation on the translation here and here.

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