A couple of good papers

There are a couple of papers that I have read recently that I though were quite good and which I meant to blog about some time ago.
Automated Verification of Practical Garbage Collectors by Chris Hawblitzel and Erez Petrank presents two mechanically verified garbage collectors that have been used in the Singularity project to run real world C# benchmarks at rates competative with the Bartok collectors. Seeing the formulation of correctness for such a collector was informative and it was interesting to see how pre- and post-conditions, invariants and assertions on x86 code can then be mechanically verified. 
Runtime Support for Multicore Haskell  by Simon Marlow, Simon Peyton Jones and Satnam Singh describes the implementation of Haskell on a multiprocessor machine, detailing the various design tradeoffs and giving various measurements that informed the decisions that they made.
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