Caught up in the web

At the weekend I attended WebDD down at Microsoft Reading. Like all of the community organised events, there was an interesting range of talks. Some simply brought together content that I had seen already from blogs. However, there were three talks that I found very useful.
ASP.NET MVC Best Practices by Sebastien Lambla was an energy filled presentation. The presenter showed how the default MVC project structure could be modified to make more use of dependency injection. Even though his Mac crashed a few minutes into the presentation, corrupting the disc and preventing him from writing any more code in front of us, Sebastien’s presentation highlighted the benefits of MVC – in particular, the testability and control of the rendered HTML. In particular he seemed to be advocating the use of a strongly typed view model, an idea prevalent in WPF’s MVVM pattern. He promised to write up some of the presentation in a series of blog posts in the coming weeks.
Barry Dorrans’ presentation on the top ten web site vulnerabilities was also very good, as was Mike Taulty’s demonstration of Silverlight 3. The latter’s presentation was the first time in ages that I have seen a demo fail at one of these events – when he tried to make his Silverlight demo work out of browser, it failed to install on the computer, though he had it all working again by lunchtime. Phil Purglove’s presentation on ASP.NET caching also covered options I hadn’t seen before. 
Thank you to the organisers for setting this up.
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