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I thought it was time to put together a list of the podcasts that I regularly listen to.
.NET rocks is a twice weekly show covering all .NET technologies. The majority of the podcast is an interview with a guest who is often a Microsoft employee. This podcast has been running for several years now. I think I’ve listened to every episode.
The java posse is a weekly podcast on java technology, though it often covers other related topics and the hosts’ interests such as Scala. It is witty and very informative.
Industry misinterpretations is a smalltalk podcast from Cincom, a major smalltalk vendor. This gives another perspective on the computing industry from the point of view of a niche language.
Software engineering radio, "the podcast for the professional developer". This covers a variety of software engineering topics, from aspects to garbage collection to concurrency to agile methodologies to modelling. Generally interesting.
Audible Ajax and Open web podcast cover Ajax with interviews covering interesting Ajax development topics.
Pixel8 and Hanselminutes cover software development with a .NET focus.
Security now covers general internet security issues with tutorials on subjects such as DNS and PKI.
Stackoverflow has great discussions on software development issues, with Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood
Alt.Net podcast covers some of the alternative .NET technologies such NHibernate.
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