It’s a generational thing

Mark Dalgarno has recently published details about this year’s Code Generation conference, CG2008, which will be held here in Cambridge. I attended last year’s conference and it was fantastic. Mark recorded a couple of audios of two of the sessions from last year which can be accessed from the CG2007 page to give a flavour of the conference. It was a good introduction to DSL and the uses people had for UML, though most the speakers seemed rather against UML, preferring DSLs instead. Microsoft were even there showing some of their DSL tools which are now part of Visual Studio. This year’s conference looks even more interesting with some good speakers.
It will be interesting to see what Microsoft are planning in this area. At the recent Lang.NET symposium, Don Box gave a quick talk about raising the abstraction level without going into details about what his team are really doing.
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One Response to It’s a generational thing

  1. Mark Dalgarno says:

    Thanks for the nice words about this year’s and last year’s events.
    We had a much higher number of people wanting to speak at CG2008 as opposed to CG2007 and this is one indicator that interest in the event (and in code generation tools and technologies) is growing. Traffic to the conference site is good and the bookings have started coming in.
    You forgot to say that booking is now open and that an early-bird booking period (with savings up to 20%) runs until 31st March 2008 🙂
    Book now before places run out!
    Visit the Code Generation 2008 web site for more information…

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