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Meta Maths: The Quest For Omega by Gregory Chaitin

Meta Maths: The Quest For Omega explains some of the relationships between the halting problem, Godel’s incompleteness theorem and the measurement of complexity where this is defined as the size of the smallest program that encodes the information. The book covers … Continue reading

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What’s my name again?

Naming of functions is interesting in that it differs widely between languages.   C, for example, gets rid of most names as they are local to the unit of compilation. For example, if I take the following small program, and … Continue reading

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Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed

Over the Xmas break I read Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed by Adam Nathan.   An excellent read with many useful tips. Well organised and very clear. Many times when I thought up a question, it was answered almost straightaway a paragraph … Continue reading

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