Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed

Over the Xmas break I read Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed by Adam Nathan.
An excellent read with many useful tips. Well organised and very clear. Many times when I thought up a question, it was answered almost straightaway a paragraph or two later in the text. "Digging deeper" sidebars often made good points and illuminated parts of the text. Many useful examples, such as simple example demonstrating visual studio type pinning of a number of panes, showing how three layers of grid layout could work well together. Very good coverage of the XAML to objects translation in chapter two, and a clear explanation of the dependency properties model and the flow of events in chapter three.
WPF looks like a great way of writing GUIs in a declarative style, using triggers to handle the interaction between elements, though with the ability to drop into code-behind when the need arises. I need to spent time rereading and working through all of the examples to get more to grips with it.
Thinking back, I don’t remember any mention of drag and drop which might be required in some rich client applications.
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